101 Online Marketing Activities 

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5 Simple Marketing Steps to Making More Money  

So many people fall into the trap of diving into a whole host of marketing actions and find themselves overwhelmed - worse they have made no real progress. In the short video training I'll walk you through how to get the basics right - BOOM - once you have the basics THEN you start to get traction and make more money. Start right away ...

Simply-5 Day Marketing Challenge - Join the WAIT LIST

In simple easy steps -  I'll walk you through 5 days of marketing activities to BOOST your confidence and your marketing skills.

How to find new online opportunities for your business

How can you take your business online. Having an online element to your business can help you to create consistent, reliable, income. Find out how to get started. Watch right away ...

Join my Simply Marketing Group

Start learning to market your business right away, join my Facebook community and start to take action right learning to market your business right away, join my Facebook community and start to take action right away.

Listen to the Simply Marketing Show - Podcast 

Download a Podcasts app on your mobile phone either Apple Podcast, Stitcher for Android or Spotify and search for The Simply Marketing Show then subscribe There are over 30 episodes - All of them will be super helpful to you, so try to listen, in the car, walking the dog or at the gym :)

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What others say ...

"I just completed Alison’s 5 Simple Marketing Steps to Making More Money  and I really must say it was a mind-blowing experience for me.

Having studied marketing and finance myself this was all known to me and clearly not rocket science, but in my everyday „rut“ I just never came across the idea of taking a BIG step back and asking myself WHAT I actually need from my business in terms of income, and how many sessions I need to sell at which price to get there. It’s so simple, but you just don’t do it.

Through taking this simple approach (that probably took me less than 1 hour) I have gained insights that have already changed a lot and pushed me to making my business more simple by getting rid of the non-profitable products I was offering. So easy, but SO effective. I can only highly recommend investing this hour of your time.

The follow-up clarification call with Alison then gave me the last bit of confidence I needed by having Alison confirm my findings along with her giving me ideas to promote the profit-leaders of my business. Thank you Alison."

Britta Sojka - English Language Coach 

The 5 day challenge was absolutely brilliant! I as totally manic every night last week and caught up each morning (finished today) and had a massive boom moment on Thursday night and couldn't even sleep! Cara Corlett - CuckooPie Media

Thank you so much for the 5 Day Challenge course I did with you. Complete revelation - email marketing works! Our beef sales have gone through the roof, I am now regularly emailing and growing our list and getting great traction and sales - Kate, Treway Farm

Thank you kindly for your help. You wouldn't believe how amazing your advice in the 5 Day Challenge was to me!I've made a start streamlining my business. My home decor on Facebook and fashion accessories on Instagram. Just by doing this it has focused my mind and has found it so much easier to design. I've actually made sales it's fantastic. Methy Grace


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