The Simply - 5 Day Marketing Challenge

Kicks Off -  7th Sept 2020

How to focus on your marketing and boost your leads and sales without feeling fearful or overwhelmed.

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During this challenge you'll learn

- 1 - How to focus on what matters

Getting the best results in the least amount of time 

- 2 - Why some customers aren't ideal 

How to find the right customers and stop wasting time on the ones that aren't right for your business

- 3 - How to network properly 

So that you actually make the right connections and get new leads and sales

- 4 - Why there is no need to spend £££ on advertising  

There are hundreds of marketing techniques that can be far more effective and cost a fraction of the price.

In simple steps -  I'll walk you through 5 days of marketing activities to BOOST your confidence and your marketing skills.


This challenge is absolutely FREE all I ask is your commitment to work with me for the full 5 days.
The next challenge STARTS  7th September 2020
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I've been an entrepreneur from the age of 21, building businesses to suit my family and lifestyle. I'm an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and a qualified marketer.

Thirty years after starting my first business, I now mentor others to market and grow their own businesses; teaching them the essential skills they require to grow a business they love!

If you're stressed about your marketing and want to learn some super simple strategies to move your business forward ...

I'm inviting you to join me for this 5 day marketing challenge 

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