6 Week - Marketing Mentoring

Make a real difference to your business with supported mentoring in
my one-to-one mentoring programme.


Working with me as your mentor

Are you ready for one-to-one intensive mentoring?

Some people feel more supported when they learn intensively on a one-to-one basis. Others choose this option to allow them to be totally focused on their business. 

Working together I will help you to understand how your business can evolve and the actions you need to take to make this happen. This programme requires your commitment, the more action you take in-between session the more you will begin to move the marketing dial and the more progress you will make.

"I knew I needed to invest time in marketing my new business but I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know which platforms to use, how best to use them, or whether I needed to use them at all! "

"Now I have more confidence in the direction I am taking now, knowing that I have clear goals, and I know how I’m going to get there."

The Programme

As your marketing mentor, I will help you to identify goals for your business and challenge you to ask yourself, what it is you really want to achieve?

We will identify:

  • What you really want to sell to your customer and the specific products and services that you can develop
  • How you want to deliver your products and services
  • Who you want to work with and who are your ideal customers
  • How to position your business and yourself as an expert in your sector
  • Exactly how will we achieve this and what actions may be needed to be taken to refocus your existing business

What is included in your Mentorship Programme

  • Six weeks one-to-one marketing mentoring
  • Weekly mentoring ‘Zoom’ calls or meetings
  • Email contact and support available Monday to Friday
  • Mentoring includes training where necessary, for online systems and social media platforms such as LinkedIn

If you are wondering how best to work with me or if what i offer is right for you, why not book a call or send me an email [email protected] 


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"I wanted to let you know how beneficial I’ve found working with you on a One to One basis. As you know I’m a seasoned business woman with marketing credentials but getting motivated for new ventures seemed to be extra challenging in this new ‘virtual’ environment. What I needed (and GOT from you) was FOCUS and ACCOUNTABILITY! I needed to DO THE WORK! And that’s what you’ve helped me to do. I’ve loved your pragmatic approach which is honest, to the point, structured and extremely helpful. I appreciate the way you have brainstormed ideas, shared your experience and even the tough love, where you have pushed and challenged me! I’ve grown so much as a result. I’ve tackled things I thought I couldn’t do and as a result embraced a new way of working. Having our meetings fortnightly have kept me on track and able to meet deadlines. I know that I would not have done this without your guidance, structure and believe in me. "

Jan Tinsley
Business Builder, Entrepreneur - Positivity & NLP Coach

" "You did a great job of pushing me outside of my comfort zone Alison! I knew I needed to spend time on articulating my service and my goals but I’d been moving it to one side – your encouragement and guidance made me get my head down and push on. As a result, I came away with a clear plan that I can use straight away." "

Gill Leece
Learning Curve Ltd

"I don’t know if it was because my energy was raised and focused but work started coming in. I felt the excited buzz that had been dampened for a while come back. Alison’s continued direction, support and feedback was so helpful"

Di Parker
Life After Loss

"I found a great deal of benefit in understanding how to identify one’s ideal customer, boom moments, and that things are not as random as I thought I learned that I have more to offer than I thought. It is OK to be me. I have found my voice finally after 27 years qualified and feeling frustrated by my lack of confidence to speak up over the years."

Isla Scott
Scott Physiotherapy

"I had run my own business for over twenty years without seeking marketing advice – I felt it was probably time to consult an expert. Alison was highly focused and encouraged me to focus in a different way. She wanted me to think about what I enjoy doing as opposed to what I thought I should be doing. I have gone from being quite quiet to extremely busy (within a six-month period). I feel more confident. I am now working only on projects that I thoroughly enjoy. I feel re-energised. "

Hester Crookall
Learning & Development Specialist

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